Whimsical Family Tree

This tree represents the generational growth of a single family. The 24" x 32" allows for enough room for 5-6 Generations. The design on this tree stays the same no matter your family size. There are different options as to the placement of names. The FIRST GENERATION is in the roots of the tree (you can go one more generation back) , SECOND GENERATION is on the trunk of the tree, THIRD GENERATION is written on the branches or on wooden hearts on the branches, FOURTH GENERATION is in the foliage on small wooden hearts. The family name and establish/wedding date can be added to the tree. This tree can grow as your family grows. Hearts can be added for new members (marriages and births). This piece makes a beautiful, one of a kind gift for anyone and any occasion. For weddings and baby showers, add a small note with the bag of hearts saying "Grow your Tree". I promise, they will cherish this gift forever.


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