Unity Family Tree

This piece can represent either the union of two families through marriage (option A) or it can be a large multi-generation single family tree (option B). Option A: The top heart contains the names of the couple that owns the piece. Each side represents their families. One side is HIS family: grandparents, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. The other tree is HER side of the family. The branches above the couples heart is THEIR family: Their children, sons and daughter n laws, their grandchildren, etc.This makes a beautiful piece to display at the couples wedding reception or anniversary party. Option B: The UNITY FAMILY TREE can also be used as a single family tree. "The Mom" on one tree trunk and "The Dad" on the other. The entire piece is THEIR family. The FAMILY NAME can be put in the top heart with the establish/wedding date. The 24" x 32"x 1" allows for enough room for 5 to 6 Generations. This size will accommodate up to 3 branches on each side for option A and 4 to 5 branches on each side for option B. The FIRST GENERATION is in the roots of the tree (going back one more generation is also an option, this would add 8 more couple names across the bottom), SECOND GENERATION is on the trunk of the tree,THIRD GENERATION is written on the branches, FOURTH GENERATION is on the limbs of the branches on small wooden hearts, and other generations are represented by smaller hearts (depending on name size it might only be an initial) that are near their family branch. This tree can grow as your family grows. Hearts can be added for new members (marriages and births). 10 hearts that are burned on the sides and stained come with the tree. Adding names can easily be done at home (instructions included). Additional hearts can be purchased and then later added to the piece via superglue. Color choices are endless. Choose from script or print writing. Add any saying, psalm, prayer, or quote to this piece. Something that is special to the couple. This tree can be a piece that can be passed down the line for generations to come. It is an HEIRLOOM in the making. Color variations are available. This tree is available in a 24" x 32", 27" x 36", and 30" x 40".


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