Vicki Hamende, even at a young age, has always had an artistic flair, but she never thought she would be called an artist. For her own personal intrigue, she took some basic art and design classes during college at Texas State University. After graduating with a degree in Retail Management, she focused mainly on her children and her husband’s business. With two major moves across the state, her family relocated to Hurst, Texas. When the time presented itself, Vicki started a venture to figure out what she wanted to do when she “grows up”. Between her job and family responsibilities, she began dabbling in painting, including some murals and custom projects. In 2012, a DIY Christmas project introduced Vicki to pyrography. A curiosity for this art form intrigued Vicki to learn more about wood burning and before long it soon became an enjoyable past time and passion. She started experimenting with the combination of wood burning and oil painting. She refers to her technique as non-traditional pyrography because she gouges the wood with the burner giving the piece depth and texture. This makes her art interesting to the touch as well as sight. She hand rubs the oil paints onto the wood in order to work the paint into the grain allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through. In 2013 Vicki started her business, Wonderwall Designs. She created a Facebook and Etsy page selling her designs and made to order family trees. Quickly, many people took notice of her work and encouraged her to find additional places to promote her art. Vicki’s first public art show was in the summer of 2014 in Salado, Texas. Her first show was more than she ever expected. She was being called an Artist. Since then, Vicki has been showing her work across the state. Growing up in a small farming community in Texas, she carries a love for the country and a strong passion for family ties. This is evident in her work. Though her work is a bit eclectic, from country life landscapes to portraits of notable people, her combination of wood burning and oil painting creates a unique texture and depth. Vicki is most notable for her made to order custom family trees. These are heirlooms in the making, representing up to six generations on one tree. She enjoys creating piece centered on trees using vivid colors and textures. Many of her designs can be described as whimsical and dreamlike. Though Vicki is still exploring and developing her personal style, she is no longer in search of what she is going to be when she “grows up”.

Call: 512-657-6125

Email: vrh@wonderwalldesigns.com